Export Process

Blue Steel will make the export process easy and stress free for both sellers and buyers.

Export Process

Blue Steel will arrange and provide all necessary vaccinations, bloodwork, and paperwork needed for export once the horse has arrived in quarantine.

Traveling to quarantine requires only a coggins and interestate health paper (where necessary).
Standard export quarantine is 30 days long. After the quarantine is completed horses are transported by Blue Steel to Houston Intercontinental Airport.
Professional animal attendants are provided to accompany horses on the airplanes to their destinations.

WE Got You Covered

Safe travels

Blue Steel Equine International strives to provide the safest and most stress free travel accommodations for your most precious equines.

Luxury Accomdations

Stalled horses are turned out, weather permitting, for exercise.
We provided the best quality coastal hay, alfalfa hay, and grains to accommodate you horses dietary needs.

Epic journeys

Tailor made accommodations for your equines. Whether it’s ground transportation or while your horse is in quarantine, Blue Steel will strive to find the ideal situation for your horses’ size and needs.